Distribute These Recycled Sports Bottle Among Your Staff

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Most companies provide their employee with promotional items and the employees usually love getting them. Then again, who doesn’t love free giveaways? The practice has proven to keep the employees happy and motivated. Bonuses and increments aside these promotional items can really help create a positive and productive work environment.

All managers know that promotional products work wonders, and that there is a large variety of such products available in the market. The only question is of choosing the right promotional item to distribute among the staff. There is no correct answer to that question as there is a huge list of things which would be useful and attractive for the workers.

Sports Bottles

Recycled sports bottle is one of those items which tops the lists of things that can or should be given to the employees. Firstly, it sends a great message about fitness and health, and any individual that exercises would love to have a sports bottle. But even if he or she has no use for the bottle, children love these bottles, and most kids are involved in sports in some way or the other, so the bottle will eventually find its purpose.

Other than giving the bottles out to employees, sports bottles can also be given out of the organization as promotional items to loyal customers or potential clients, etc.

The Perfect Message

Giving out recycled sports bottle also helps the company take a stand on the environmental crises that the world currently faces. It helps create awareness among the workers on the responsibility on each and every one of us to take active part in curbing the constant deterioration of our world. It also helps the company maintain a greener image in the corporate and the general public.

Due to the popularity of these sports bottles, it will be used extensively, especially during physical and outdoor activities. The recycled sports bottle’s main purpose, which was a promotion of the company’s name, would be fulfilled as well. The bottle will be taken to sports games, gym, parks, jogging tracks, etc. This ultimately serves the company’s ulterior motive of getting its name some positive public exposure.

Aside from its use during physical recreational activities, it’s simply a wonderful way to carry some fluids to drink. Many people prefer using sports bottles over normal water bottles. They can be found in almost every workplace where people use them to drink water from. These bottles are quite durable and long lasting. An organization choosing to distribute them among their employee would further increase their usage as they are simply a wonderful way to carry liquids.

Easily Available

As stated above, sports bottles are extremely popular. Distributing recycled sports bottles is a good option in terms of accessibility and budget. All an organization needs to do is purchase the bottles in a bulk quantity and have the name of the company and/or logo printed onto them. Most businesses selling promotional products in Dublin already provide the service or printing, thus after the purchase all that is left is to distribute the bottles.

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drpromoDistribute These Recycled Sports Bottle Among Your Staff

Multi Function Desk Clock – All It Lacks Is Your Logo

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The Common Clock

The most popular promotional item ever used is the clock. Clocks are founds literally everywhere, you can find them in every single room of a house and on every single desk at a work place. A clock is considered as the ultimate promotional product, mostly because people are bound to look at them from time to time

Clocks are the perfect promotional item a company can use. Simply have the logo or the name of the company printed on the clock and it’s ready to be bundled with the giveaways. They can be given to employees and clients. They can be a giveaway prize for a competition between co-workers or customers. Or simply a giveaway as a third tier prize in a lottery competition.

Another reason that a clock is the perfect promotional item is because its utility has evolved from simply being a wall to serve multiple different purposes. From simply being an accessory on the wall, desk clocks are designed to serve as a desk or bed side accessory.

Many different variants of the normal desk clocks are available and these are much more popular among the users since they serve multiple purposes. For example, a desk clock with a built-in photo frame. Another clock which has been quite popular has a paper clip holder with it.

Digital Clocks the Ultimate Promotional Item

Finally comes the mother of all clocks, the multi function desk clock, it comes with an LCD screen, boasting several digitalized functions such as, a digital calendar and a to-do list. It displays the current room temperature and also has a built-in calculator. 

These multifunction clocks are quite popular because of all the reasons stated above, thus a company can utilize them in their marketing initiatives. These clocks are sold in bulk for promotional purposes, along with the option to have the clock printed with the name of the company or its logo. While these clocks sit on a desk, all passersby who take notice of the clock will automatically get familiarized with the company. 

Brand Exposure

The point of using these multifunctional clocks is to have them in as many work places as possible. When professionals from other industries or companies take notice of the brand name, they will get familiarized with it. It’s a known fact that people are more likely to do business with the individuals or companies they are more familiar with rather than a completely new company.

Hence using these multifunctional clocks is a wonderful way to get the name of the company out into the market directly into the minds of the professionals who are likely to be future clients.


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drpromoMulti Function Desk Clock – All It Lacks Is Your Logo

Your Office Needs These Eco Friendly Writing Instruments

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Green Initiative

A lot of misconceptions exist about the go green initiative. Many confuse it with appealing to the environmentally concerned consumer base or maintaining a certain public perception or simply avoiding the wrath of the pressure groups. The term means applying the concept of renewable, sustainable, and environment friendly products, processes, and energy.

The current generation is facing the brunt of the many environmental issues that our world faces, but it’s not just the current generation who has to face the issues but the future generation that are to come. Unless we do something about our environment, our future generations will be faced with major environmental issues.

Safeguarding Our Future

Every individual is responsible for safeguarding our atmosphere. Some of the environmentally conscious individuals have taken their ideals and incorporated them into their work places and business processes. Slow but steady growth of the green initiative is been witnessed in the business world. More and more organizations are replacing their traditional practices with more eco friendly processes.

Corporate Role

A few small things that every business is expected to do is using greener practices in daily routines, such as, conserving energy and avoiding paper wastage, and more importantly using eco friendly stationary. Adapting to eco friendly writing instruments in daily lives has a huge impact on the overall green initiative in saving our environment.

Each year, hundreds of millions of writing equipment is needlessly wasted, all pilling up in the landfills. Purchasing green writing equipment made from recycled raw materials is detrimental to the overall welfare of our environment. Businesses use a huge amount of writing instruments, thus it’s important to shift to eco friendly methods.

Businesses have a significant influence on the general public. If an organization has taken up a strict green initiative, the employees would eventually be influenced by the positive role of their company. These individuals would then spread awareness further into their homes, families and even to their friends and peers. 

Organizations dealing directly with a huge customer base can enforce greener ideals into their customers. Thus creating awareness among their customers, who might even adapt to the positive ideals and slowly incorporate them into their own lives.

All businesses have a responsibility to give back to the society, some call it corporate social responsibility, while others something else. The fact is that we are responsible for the current state of our environment and we are the ones who can change it for the better.

Advantage of Eco Friendly Stationary

Hence, we can start now with small steps such as replacing our normal stationary with eco friendly writing instruments. Companies can even involve them into their giveaway bundles, whether they are being given to customers, clients, etc. It can even help the company boost its image in the corporate world and in the process make a difference where it matters. 

Companies can even have their brand logo and name printed on these eco friendly writing instruments, creating awareness of their brand and the environment at the same time.

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drpromoYour Office Needs These Eco Friendly Writing Instruments

House Shaped Money Box – The Perfect Gift To Give To Your Top Performers

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Employee Motivation

No amount of money can buy happiness in its purest sense. Workers deserving of praise should be acknowledged amongst their peers. Thus companies have started giving away symbolic gifts to their top performing workers. These gift items may not hold significant monetary value but can have a possible effect based on its sentimental value.

Symbolizes That Company Cares

A house shaped money box is the perfect gift for a company’s top employees. It symbolizes that the company cares about them and makes them realize that their efforts matter and how all the effort and hard work they put into the company is being noticed and they are being appreciated.

Being singled out to receive a house shaped money box among other gifts empowers the employee in the sense that they are being acknowledged by their seniors in front of their peers. No amount of money can buy satisfaction the way respect does. Every individual wants to be respected by the people that matter to them. Receiving a house shaped money box brings prestige and respect from the upper echelons of the hierarchy.

The Perfect Gift

A house shaped money box can also be a wonderful item for almost every house hold. It teaches the value of planning for tomorrow. How having a contingency is important and the little ones in the home simply adore such a thing. The lesson that can be derived is how hard work and intelligent planning can create a positive outlook on the future. 

A customized house shaped gift is also a constant reminder of how the organization cares about its workers. The name of the company on the money box would constantly evoke positive emotions and feelings, slowly building a sense of loyalty and affection towards the organization. The house shaped gift box is a creative gift and a quick witted way to tell that one day they could be rewarding individuals working under them and how these small gestures go a long way. 

A lot of young workers are saving money to purchase a house for themselves or their family and the gift is a wonderful positive reinforcement. 

Companies can also giveaway these house shaped boxes to clients and customers in their giveaway bundles. Everyone loves a cute house shaped gift. The gift would go a long way in advertising the brand name and marketing their services in a cheap and efficient manner. Giving away promotional items have become a norm for almost all companies regardless of their size or industry, it’s all a matter of what to give away rather than to give or not to give.

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drpromoHouse Shaped Money Box – The Perfect Gift To Give To Your Top Performers

Why Your Employees will Love Thermal Insulated Travel Mugs

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We all love our morning cup of coffee or tea. It’s that one fix that we all need. But what happens if we are running late to work? Are we expected to skip the sweet nectar of the gods that energizes us and starts our day on the right foot? The answer is a traveling mug. The key to a good travelling mug is it mustn’t spill while keeping the temperature of the inner content constant for long periods of time, whether traveling in a train, bus or a car.

On The Go

Nowadays a wide variety of thermal mugs are available, in different shapes, sizes and color. But the most important aspect of such a mug is the thermal insulation. Thermal insulation is extremely important as these mugs are used outdoors. Large travel mugs are getting extremely popular, and even their indoor usage is increasing. Workers prefer thermal insulated mugs because they can store large quantities of coffee or any other beverage, and have it at their own pace while working without the worry of it cooling down.

Though, the price of a thermal insulated mug may be higher than a normal traveling mug, but if a traveling mug cannot maintain the temperature of the content in it then it is a complete waste, especially for those living in colder regions or during winter seasons. Paying a slightly higher price for an item that will last in the long term is a better investment than saving a bit of money on the cheap mug which wouldn’t serve its main purpose or isn’t durable.

Green Initiative

For any business having a positive image is everything. In today’s world, a huge emphasis is given to taking care of our environment and many companies are choosing to go green in their efforts for a better tomorrow for the generations to come after us. Traveling mugs are a greener initiative in the sense that they are reusable as compared to the alternative – disposable styrofoam cups.

Cheap and Easy Advertisement

Customized traveler mugs also provide companies a cheap way to advertise their brand name and they can be quite cheap for companies who are purchasing in bulk quantities. These traveling mugs are taken everywhere by people using it and are mostly visible to everyone around, thus providing decent exposure to the brand.

Customized traveler mugs can also be a wonderful tool in promoting your business. Aside from giving these mugs to employees, customers simply love getting give away. Giving away these mugs with the logo on the company to potential clients is also another brilliant way to get the name of the brand into the minds of other people. 

A lot of companies are involved in giveaways to their employees, customers, and even clients. These giveaway items can be wall clocks, calendars, caps, shirts, etc. But the utility derived from a quality traveling mug is significantly higher than any other item possible. It is the perfect promotional product for a company to invest in. 

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drpromoWhy Your Employees will Love Thermal Insulated Travel Mugs

Travel Pad – Your Travelling Brand Ambassador

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Almost all companies spend a small fortune on marketing their brand name and their goods or services. The competition in every field keeps on growing, pressurizing companies to invest heavily in marketing. However, not everyone can afford to run ads on TV or purchase billboard space. For such companies, marketing through merchandize is the best option.

Marketing On The Go

However, there are still a lot of ways to market a company and its brand, that too without breaking the bank. A lot of companies sell promotional items in bulk quantities with the option to customize it with the brand name or logo. It’s simply about choosing the right items and distributing them among the right people. And all this is a cost effective method of marketing the brand name.

Traveling pads are an extremely popular item and have slowly replaced the briefcase. Everyone carries a bag or a pad with them regardless of age, gender, and even social class. These pads can be the perfect traveling brand ambassadors.

Laptop Bags

Laptops have replaced desktop computers during the last decade. Their popularity is constantly increasing due to the mobility and accessibility they provide to the users. And with the laptop comes the bag in which a laptop is carried. The point of the laptop is so it can be carried around anywhere with the user. Hence, a company can purchase laptop bags or pouches with their brand name or logo printed on, for their employees, partners, and customers. When these people travel anywhere, they will automatically market the company’s brand.

Travel Pads

Another recent trend that has picked up is carrying conference pads. These pads are extremely accessible and useful. They can carry up to the size of A4, which is the most standard size of paper. Individuals can efficiently carry their paperwork, presentations, reports, etc. It even has the option for USBs, CDs, pens, etc. A lot of traveling pads are sold in bulk as promotional items, which the company can acquire and use as giveaways.

Tablet and Phone Covers

Nowadays, every single individual carries a smartphone or a tablet. These devices can be used to perform almost all of the operations which a computer does. People spend a lot of money on phone and tablet cases to protect their devices. The first thing a person notices on a public transport is that everyone is engrossed in their electronic device, listening to music, watching movies, or even reading books. And all the other person sees is the back of the cover. Companies can have good quality cases and have their brand name or logos printed onto them and distribute them along their employees and clients. The people using these devices will be marketing the brand name from the back of their electronic devices.

All these items mentioned above literally become traveling brand ambassadors. Whether you walk into a coffee shop, a subway train or an elevator you are likely to see at least one of these items if not all of them at the same time.

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drpromoTravel Pad – Your Travelling Brand Ambassador

Metro Conference Bag

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Value bag with carry handle and adjustable / removable shoulder strap, 4 internal pockets make this an ideal product.


375 x 270 x 65


Black/Black, Blue/Blue

Print type and position

Flap: 250(w) x 150(h)

All dimensions are in millimetres

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drpromoMetro Conference Bag

Gamegear Track Polo Shirt

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65/35 polycotton 185gsm polo shirt. Ladies version (K731) also available.


Black/Grey, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Purple, Black/Gold, Black/Lime, Black/Orange, Black/Royal Blue, Irish Green/Black, Navy/Red, Navy/Turquoise, Navy/Light Blue, Red/Navy

Print type and position

Left Chest: 100(w) x 100(h)
Right Chest: 100(w) x 100(h)

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drpromoGamegear Track Polo Shirt

Bianco World Time Clock/Calculator

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Bianco foldable world time clock / calculator in gloss white finish. Comes complete with world times, temperature in centigrade and fahrenheit, alarm, snooze function. Neat black rubber keys. Takes 2 x LR1130 batteries included.


100 x 100 x 16



Print type and position

Bottom: 80(w) x 10(h)

All dimensions are in millimetres

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drpromoBianco World Time Clock/Calculator

Eco Passport Wallets – Are They Still A Valid Gift For Your Employees?

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Almost all companies are involved in giving away promotional items. What makes these companies standout and their giveaways is the choice of the item. Since most of the companies are giving away wall clocks and bland looking calendars, these items usually never get to see the light of the day. Being creative with the choice of the promotional items helps the company achieve its objective of spending money on the gifts or giveaways.

Need for Passport Wallets

Many people wonder if passport wallets are even used by people. Well, they are extremely useful if the person is traveling. Passport wallets are seldom needed and thus a very few people actually own them. That’s what makes it the perfect gift from the employers. Even a person has no actual plans for travel might get enticed by the gift. And if and when the person actually decides to travel, he/she will have a passport wallet stashed away somewhere, hence no need to run around looking for the wallet to buy.

Below are a few reasons everyone should be using a passport wallet while carrying their passports:

The passport wallet provides protection against various external and unforeseeable factors, such as weather conditions, as water can immediately destroy the paper of the passport.

The wallet makes its use quite easy, if you have a bunch of traveling essentials in your bag, having a wallet makes it much easy to pick out.

Travelers often become the target of thieves and pickpockets. This is because passports can fetch decent money on the black market. Passport wallets reduce the chance of being a victim of such a crime.

The Perfect Gift

Passport wallets would definitely make for a wonderful gift for your employee, it’s different and creative, and it might actually get you wondering about all the traveling plans you’ve made but never acted upon.

Passport wallets are perfect from the employer’s perspective because it’s a small and considerate gift. An employer can even get them customized with the company logo on the front. And these gifts are something which can last a lifetime.

The Motivating Factor

Not only is a passport holder a good gift for employees, it is an amazing giveaway item. It shows how the organization makes an effort to differentiate itself from the rest of the companies. It also sends a personalized humanistic touch.

Getting a passport holder made through green means is an amazing and bold initiative. It says a lot in a few words and ensures that the organization is all about what truly matters. Day by day, people are getting increasingly aware of the environmental crises that we face and everyone appreciates greener gesture especially by a profit making organization.


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drpromoEco Passport Wallets – Are They Still A Valid Gift For Your Employees?