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House Shaped Money Box – The Perfect Gift To Give To Your Top Performers

by drpromo on November 5, 2014 , No comments

Employee Motivation

No amount of money can buy happiness in its purest sense. Workers deserving of praise should be acknowledged amongst their peers. Thus companies have started giving away symbolic gifts to their top performing workers. These gift items may not hold significant monetary value but can have a possible effect based on its sentimental value.

Symbolizes That Company Cares

A house shaped money box is the perfect gift for a company’s top employees. It symbolizes that the company cares about them and makes them realize that their efforts matter and how all the effort and hard work they put into the company is being noticed and they are being appreciated.

Being singled out to receive a house shaped money box among other gifts empowers the employee in the sense that they are being acknowledged by their seniors in front of their peers. No amount of money can buy satisfaction the way respect does. Every individual wants to be respected by the people that matter to them. Receiving a house shaped money box brings prestige and respect from the upper echelons of the hierarchy.

The Perfect Gift

A house shaped money box can also be a wonderful item for almost every house hold. It teaches the value of planning for tomorrow. How having a contingency is important and the little ones in the home simply adore such a thing. The lesson that can be derived is how hard work and intelligent planning can create a positive outlook on the future. 

A customized house shaped gift is also a constant reminder of how the organization cares about its workers. The name of the company on the money box would constantly evoke positive emotions and feelings, slowly building a sense of loyalty and affection towards the organization. The house shaped gift box is a creative gift and a quick witted way to tell that one day they could be rewarding individuals working under them and how these small gestures go a long way. 

A lot of young workers are saving money to purchase a house for themselves or their family and the gift is a wonderful positive reinforcement. 

Companies can also giveaway these house shaped boxes to clients and customers in their giveaway bundles. Everyone loves a cute house shaped gift. The gift would go a long way in advertising the brand name and marketing their services in a cheap and efficient manner. Giving away promotional items have become a norm for almost all companies regardless of their size or industry, it’s all a matter of what to give away rather than to give or not to give.

drpromoHouse Shaped Money Box – The Perfect Gift To Give To Your Top Performers

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