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Travel Pad – Your Travelling Brand Ambassador

by drpromo on October 25, 2014 , No comments

Almost all companies spend a small fortune on marketing their brand name and their goods or services. The competition in every field keeps on growing, pressurizing companies to invest heavily in marketing. However, not everyone can afford to run ads on TV or purchase billboard space. For such companies, marketing through merchandize is the best option.

Marketing On The Go

However, there are still a lot of ways to market a company and its brand, that too without breaking the bank. A lot of companies sell promotional items in bulk quantities with the option to customize it with the brand name or logo. It’s simply about choosing the right items and distributing them among the right people. And all this is a cost effective method of marketing the brand name.

Traveling pads are an extremely popular item and have slowly replaced the briefcase. Everyone carries a bag or a pad with them regardless of age, gender, and even social class. These pads can be the perfect traveling brand ambassadors.

Laptop Bags

Laptops have replaced desktop computers during the last decade. Their popularity is constantly increasing due to the mobility and accessibility they provide to the users. And with the laptop comes the bag in which a laptop is carried. The point of the laptop is so it can be carried around anywhere with the user. Hence, a company can purchase laptop bags or pouches with their brand name or logo printed on, for their employees, partners, and customers. When these people travel anywhere, they will automatically market the company’s brand.

Travel Pads

Another recent trend that has picked up is carrying conference pads. These pads are extremely accessible and useful. They can carry up to the size of A4, which is the most standard size of paper. Individuals can efficiently carry their paperwork, presentations, reports, etc. It even has the option for USBs, CDs, pens, etc. A lot of traveling pads are sold in bulk as promotional items, which the company can acquire and use as giveaways.

Tablet and Phone Covers

Nowadays, every single individual carries a smartphone or a tablet. These devices can be used to perform almost all of the operations which a computer does. People spend a lot of money on phone and tablet cases to protect their devices. The first thing a person notices on a public transport is that everyone is engrossed in their electronic device, listening to music, watching movies, or even reading books. And all the other person sees is the back of the cover. Companies can have good quality cases and have their brand name or logos printed onto them and distribute them along their employees and clients. The people using these devices will be marketing the brand name from the back of their electronic devices.

All these items mentioned above literally become traveling brand ambassadors. Whether you walk into a coffee shop, a subway train or an elevator you are likely to see at least one of these items if not all of them at the same time.

drpromoTravel Pad – Your Travelling Brand Ambassador

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