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Eco Passport Wallets – Are They Still A Valid Gift For Your Employees?

by drpromo on January 10, 2014 , No comments


Almost all companies are involved in giving away promotional items. What makes these companies standout and their giveaways is the choice of the item. Since most of the companies are giving away wall clocks and bland looking calendars, these items usually never get to see the light of the day. Being creative with the choice of the promotional items helps the company achieve its objective of spending money on the gifts or giveaways.

Need for Passport Wallets

Many people wonder if passport wallets are even used by people. Well, they are extremely useful if the person is traveling. Passport wallets are seldom needed and thus a very few people actually own them. That’s what makes it the perfect gift from the employers. Even a person has no actual plans for travel might get enticed by the gift. And if and when the person actually decides to travel, he/she will have a passport wallet stashed away somewhere, hence no need to run around looking for the wallet to buy.

Below are a few reasons everyone should be using a passport wallet while carrying their passports:

The passport wallet provides protection against various external and unforeseeable factors, such as weather conditions, as water can immediately destroy the paper of the passport.

The wallet makes its use quite easy, if you have a bunch of traveling essentials in your bag, having a wallet makes it much easy to pick out.

Travelers often become the target of thieves and pickpockets. This is because passports can fetch decent money on the black market. Passport wallets reduce the chance of being a victim of such a crime.

The Perfect Gift

Passport wallets would definitely make for a wonderful gift for your employee, it’s different and creative, and it might actually get you wondering about all the traveling plans you’ve made but never acted upon.

Passport wallets are perfect from the employer’s perspective because it’s a small and considerate gift. An employer can even get them customized with the company logo on the front. And these gifts are something which can last a lifetime.

The Motivating Factor

Not only is a passport holder a good gift for employees, it is an amazing giveaway item. It shows how the organization makes an effort to differentiate itself from the rest of the companies. It also sends a personalized humanistic touch.

Getting a passport holder made through green means is an amazing and bold initiative. It says a lot in a few words and ensures that the organization is all about what truly matters. Day by day, people are getting increasingly aware of the environmental crises that we face and everyone appreciates greener gesture especially by a profit making organization.


drpromoEco Passport Wallets – Are They Still A Valid Gift For Your Employees?

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