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Your Office Needs These Eco Friendly Writing Instruments

by drpromo on November 15, 2014 , No comments

Green Initiative

A lot of misconceptions exist about the go green initiative. Many confuse it with appealing to the environmentally concerned consumer base or maintaining a certain public perception or simply avoiding the wrath of the pressure groups. The term means applying the concept of renewable, sustainable, and environment friendly products, processes, and energy.

The current generation is facing the brunt of the many environmental issues that our world faces, but it’s not just the current generation who has to face the issues but the future generation that are to come. Unless we do something about our environment, our future generations will be faced with major environmental issues.

Safeguarding Our Future

Every individual is responsible for safeguarding our atmosphere. Some of the environmentally conscious individuals have taken their ideals and incorporated them into their work places and business processes. Slow but steady growth of the green initiative is been witnessed in the business world. More and more organizations are replacing their traditional practices with more eco friendly processes.

Corporate Role

A few small things that every business is expected to do is using greener practices in daily routines, such as, conserving energy and avoiding paper wastage, and more importantly using eco friendly stationary. Adapting to eco friendly writing instruments in daily lives has a huge impact on the overall green initiative in saving our environment.

Each year, hundreds of millions of writing equipment is needlessly wasted, all pilling up in the landfills. Purchasing green writing equipment made from recycled raw materials is detrimental to the overall welfare of our environment. Businesses use a huge amount of writing instruments, thus it’s important to shift to eco friendly methods.

Businesses have a significant influence on the general public. If an organization has taken up a strict green initiative, the employees would eventually be influenced by the positive role of their company. These individuals would then spread awareness further into their homes, families and even to their friends and peers. 

Organizations dealing directly with a huge customer base can enforce greener ideals into their customers. Thus creating awareness among their customers, who might even adapt to the positive ideals and slowly incorporate them into their own lives.

All businesses have a responsibility to give back to the society, some call it corporate social responsibility, while others something else. The fact is that we are responsible for the current state of our environment and we are the ones who can change it for the better.

Advantage of Eco Friendly Stationary

Hence, we can start now with small steps such as replacing our normal stationary with eco friendly writing instruments. Companies can even involve them into their giveaway bundles, whether they are being given to customers, clients, etc. It can even help the company boost its image in the corporate world and in the process make a difference where it matters. 

Companies can even have their brand logo and name printed on these eco friendly writing instruments, creating awareness of their brand and the environment at the same time.

drpromoYour Office Needs These Eco Friendly Writing Instruments

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