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Distribute These Recycled Sports Bottle Among Your Staff

by drpromo on December 16, 2014 , No comments

Most companies provide their employee with promotional items and the employees usually love getting them. Then again, who doesn’t love free giveaways? The practice has proven to keep the employees happy and motivated. Bonuses and increments aside these promotional items can really help create a positive and productive work environment.

All managers know that promotional products work wonders, and that there is a large variety of such products available in the market. The only question is of choosing the right promotional item to distribute among the staff. There is no correct answer to that question as there is a huge list of things which would be useful and attractive for the workers.

Sports Bottles

Recycled sports bottle is one of those items which tops the lists of things that can or should be given to the employees. Firstly, it sends a great message about fitness and health, and any individual that exercises would love to have a sports bottle. But even if he or she has no use for the bottle, children love these bottles, and most kids are involved in sports in some way or the other, so the bottle will eventually find its purpose.

Other than giving the bottles out to employees, sports bottles can also be given out of the organization as promotional items to loyal customers or potential clients, etc.

The Perfect Message

Giving out recycled sports bottle also helps the company take a stand on the environmental crises that the world currently faces. It helps create awareness among the workers on the responsibility on each and every one of us to take active part in curbing the constant deterioration of our world. It also helps the company maintain a greener image in the corporate and the general public.

Due to the popularity of these sports bottles, it will be used extensively, especially during physical and outdoor activities. The recycled sports bottle’s main purpose, which was a promotion of the company’s name, would be fulfilled as well. The bottle will be taken to sports games, gym, parks, jogging tracks, etc. This ultimately serves the company’s ulterior motive of getting its name some positive public exposure.

Aside from its use during physical recreational activities, it’s simply a wonderful way to carry some fluids to drink. Many people prefer using sports bottles over normal water bottles. They can be found in almost every workplace where people use them to drink water from. These bottles are quite durable and long lasting. An organization choosing to distribute them among their employee would further increase their usage as they are simply a wonderful way to carry liquids.

Easily Available

As stated above, sports bottles are extremely popular. Distributing recycled sports bottles is a good option in terms of accessibility and budget. All an organization needs to do is purchase the bottles in a bulk quantity and have the name of the company and/or logo printed onto them. Most businesses selling promotional products in Dublin already provide the service or printing, thus after the purchase all that is left is to distribute the bottles.

drpromoDistribute These Recycled Sports Bottle Among Your Staff

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