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Multi Function Desk Clock – All It Lacks Is Your Logo

by drpromo on December 5, 2014 , No comments


The Common Clock

The most popular promotional item ever used is the clock. Clocks are founds literally everywhere, you can find them in every single room of a house and on every single desk at a work place. A clock is considered as the ultimate promotional product, mostly because people are bound to look at them from time to time

Clocks are the perfect promotional item a company can use. Simply have the logo or the name of the company printed on the clock and it’s ready to be bundled with the giveaways. They can be given to employees and clients. They can be a giveaway prize for a competition between co-workers or customers. Or simply a giveaway as a third tier prize in a lottery competition.

Another reason that a clock is the perfect promotional item is because its utility has evolved from simply being a wall to serve multiple different purposes. From simply being an accessory on the wall, desk clocks are designed to serve as a desk or bed side accessory.

Many different variants of the normal desk clocks are available and these are much more popular among the users since they serve multiple purposes. For example, a desk clock with a built-in photo frame. Another clock which has been quite popular has a paper clip holder with it.

Digital Clocks the Ultimate Promotional Item

Finally comes the mother of all clocks, the multi function desk clock, it comes with an LCD screen, boasting several digitalized functions such as, a digital calendar and a to-do list. It displays the current room temperature and also has a built-in calculator. 

These multifunction clocks are quite popular because of all the reasons stated above, thus a company can utilize them in their marketing initiatives. These clocks are sold in bulk for promotional purposes, along with the option to have the clock printed with the name of the company or its logo. While these clocks sit on a desk, all passersby who take notice of the clock will automatically get familiarized with the company. 

Brand Exposure

The point of using these multifunctional clocks is to have them in as many work places as possible. When professionals from other industries or companies take notice of the brand name, they will get familiarized with it. It’s a known fact that people are more likely to do business with the individuals or companies they are more familiar with rather than a completely new company.

Hence using these multifunctional clocks is a wonderful way to get the name of the company out into the market directly into the minds of the professionals who are likely to be future clients.


drpromoMulti Function Desk Clock – All It Lacks Is Your Logo

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