Promotional products Ireland,  At dublinpromotional, you get just that; any and everything

We offer just every kind of Ireland promotional products you will need. We help you create awareness of your unique brand identity by making imprints on affordable promo items suitable for your intended gift-giving occasion.

Let us put your company name, logo, and brand message on those T-shirts, sweatshirts, calendars, pens, Promotional mugs, bag packs, fitness gear, cheap eco-friendly grocery bags, promotional power banks, headwear, and lots more.
Just name it and you got it! Make sure everyone remembers your name



With our custom design and imprints.Become omnipresent!

Promotional products and giveaway items are your best choice when it comes to establishing brand identity. And our highly experienced team has what it takes to create for you unique and suitable giveaway items to gift out.
Whatever your occasion or event is, our team understands how to come up with the ideal promo product that appeals to the demographic attendees.

At Donridge Promotional, we serve clients all over Ireland and will work with you to give you exceptional customer experience. But it doesn’t end there.

It is imperative that your promotional product resonates with your audience and give them a delightful experience as well. And just as your logo matters, the product on which it is printed matters as well.
Working together in sync, they should deliver your brand message, express your company identity, and be impressed in the minds of the consumer. And this is what we offer.
From start to finish, delivering your brand identity in a seamless and alluring manner is our top priority.


Low-cost Promo Items Right at Your Finger-tips


If you’re a start-up, on a budget, or simply with little or no marketing experience, gifting promo items can be just the perfect strategy to get the word out. And you’re in luck! We have a plethora of low-cost promo items just for you.

Our affordable promotional apparels like T-shirts are excellent for your trade events. You can get hundreds of them even if you’re on a strict budget. All you need do is request for just a single color design! Simple, yet expressive!

And you know what? Giving out just one expressive promotional item has a ripple effect. You are not just exposing your brand to the receiver. You are exposing it to everyone they come across.

And this is why you need to get it right. Get the perfect design customized for your local demographic. This normally requires considerable time and energy. But worry not; that is why we’re here.

We Take the Burden off You

As a leading company with years of experience customizing promotional products in Ireland, we would create that design that sparks up the interest
of your intended audience and get them talking about your brand.

We look forward to working with you.

Contact us today.


Looking to increase brand awareness by imprinting your company logo on promotional items in Dublin? Then you’re at the right place.

At Donridge Promotional, we offer an astonishing wide range of promotional products in Dublin. We understand that different things appeal differently to different persons, and so we customize your giveaway promo items
 specifically for your target market. No matter the kind of occasion or event you’re hosting, we have the perfect giveaway items for your demographic audience.

We help you reflect the unique personality of your brand, its values, and what it stands for. Make sure everyone remembers your name.

Let us help you get the word out to the public about your brand with unique custom designs that are appealing and classy, yet highly affordable to you.

Understandably, it is often tasking for start-ups with little or no marketing experience to publicize their brand. It becomes even challenging when you’re on a budget.
 But with our wide range of giveaway products, you definitely will find what works perfectly for you.

We can offer you any of the following according to your brand, target audience, and budget.

  • Promotional drinkware — Is there anybody that doesn’t use mugs and glassware? Definitely not. And the good news: they’re so cheap! So why not get your brand name on mugs and water bottles and see how everyone won’t notice you.

  • T-shirts — Also very budget-friendly, you can simply place your company logo on a T-shirt. You can also reduce costs further by using a single color design. And here’s why T-shirts are so effective as a promo item: they’re worn in public, meaning everyone notices you instantly!

  • Office accessories and stationery — Having your brand logo in an office delivers your brand message to the work place. Imprint your logo on promotional items like calenders, pens, and note-pads. Affordable, yet expressive.

  • Custom re-usable bags — Promotional bags are also a highly effective marketing tool as they are used basically in public. They are perfect as giveaway items for your trade shows. Get your brand imprinted on simple eco-friendly bags and watch as your brand awareness grows exponentially.

  • Tech devices — You can imprint your brand name on USB drives, power banks, headphones, for giveaway. Although these aren’t so budget-friendly, they are incredibly powerful for influencing customer patronage with your brand. This is because they are functional and long-lasting.

  • Custom wearables — Get your brand logo on some giveaway sweatshirts, baseball hats, socks, polos. These items are cheap, yet have enough space to spread your brand message. Who wouldn’t notice a classy looking polo shirt or hat with a stunning branded logo?

You get loyal customers when you have an audience who is aware of your brand and understands its message.

And exposing your brand message is what we do best. Get noticed now.

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